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The design for this house started as a process of thinking about of how we wanted to live. We required flexible spaces and rooms that could change functions over time. We desired dynamic connections between the inside and out but as the site was a corner block privacy to these outdoor spaces required careful consideration. The house also had to be built within a modest budget.


The house is situated on a corner block and was designed to maximised the privacy of the internal and external spaces from both roads. The L shape design of the house, situated on the street frontages, acts as a retaining wall to create not only a level rear yard but to lift the internal floor height above the road level to create that sense of privacy. The long side of the L accommodates the living areas and are single room depth to encourage cross ventilation and maximise the amount of light into the space. The short side has the bedroom and bathrooms. Although these rooms adjoin a double loaded corridor all but the multi function guest bedroom has windows in two walls for cross ventilation.

Resolution of the built form and program relied upon cost effective passive solutions to overcome the constraints of the site and generate flexible and dramatic internal and external spaces. The plan of the house is simple but required careful consideration with regard to material selection and facade configuration to maximise views whilst minimising heat gain and maintaining privacy.

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