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This house was designed for an older couple who no longer had any children living at home but still required space for visiting adult children, their partners and most importantly their grand children. They also wanted to be able to live in the house for as long as possible making level access to their living spaces a priority.  This requirement conflicted with their desire for a 2 storey house that would maximise views and breeze while maintaining privacy from the street and the adjacent golf course.  The conflict was resolved by locating the main bedroom and living spaces upstairs with assisted access provided by a small domestic lift.


Downstairs is the domain for guests, the laundry and garage.
Resolution of the built form and program relied upon cost effective passive solutions to overcome the constraints of the site and generate flexible and dramatic internal and external spaces.  The plan of the house is simple but required careful consideration with regard to access, material selection and facade configuration to maximise views whilst minimising heat gain and maintaining privacy.

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