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This small worker's cottage is situated in Hamilton, Newcastle. The original 4 room cottage had a later addition to the rear adding the amenities - kitchen, bathroom and laundry. This addition had poor orientation, light and relationship to the garden. There was an existing detached garage that was set back from the rear lane. Both neighbouring houses are built close to the boundaries. With the northern orientation to the long side boundary and the southern neighbouring home built 2 thirds down the block, we were able to situated the new rooms along the southern edge, where the old rooms and garage were located. By keeping the extension narrow, this opened up the new rooms to the northern light and garden.


In contrast to most of our residential project, was project was about small. Small block, small house, small budget and small family. This home belongs to a couple with no kids, who didn't require more space just a better arrangement. Light and space is what was needed, a challenging concept in an urban environment.

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